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The Undercover Pantry was created with the needs of the local community in mind. We believe that access to diapers and menstrual products is often a financial burden and should not be a privilege.


Riverside Family Support is proud to offer donations of diapers, wipes, tampons, pads/liners, and menstrual cups at no cost.  

Learn more about our next pantry opening, how you can receive items, or information about how to donate & support local families below. 

Pantry Location


The Undercover Pantry is located at The Greenhouse. 420 East Market Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

It is open the first Wednesday of each month.

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How to donate

Drop off donations: RFS is accepting donations of diapers, wipes, tampons, and pads/liners during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9am-5pm at our office.  

For monetary donations, click the link below for our PayPal. 

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How to receive products


Register for the pantry by clicking the link below and you will be contacted by RFS staff to confirm your pickup.

A drop off option is also available if you are unable to make it to the RFS office in person. Select the "drop off" option on the form and provide a home address.

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 Adagio House

RFS is proud to work with Adagio House to support donations to the Undercover Pantry. Adagio House is a nonprofit counseling agency dedicated to accessible mental health care within the context of community. For more information on Adagio House, click the link below. 

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