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Child / Youth Services

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The goal of this non-clinical service offers structured strength-based support services for youth (21 and under.) This service addresses daily living, social-emotional, and communication needs through coaching, modeling, and relationship-building.


This service focuses on empowering the individual by educating age appropriate-behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution while assisting the individual with relating appropriately to other children and adolescents.


For youth over 14 years old, RFS includes a Casey Life Skills Assessment. The youth’s behaviors and competencies are assessed to determine deficiencies and long-term goals. CLS Mentoring focuses on supporting youth while establishing the life skills needed to set youth on their way toward developing resiliency and establishing healthy, productive lives.  

Child Mental Health Evaluation

​This evaluation focuses on the child or adolescent’s psychological functioning, including their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning.


This evaluation may involve the use of standardized psychological tests, behavioral observations, and clinical interviews to gather information about the individual's mental health and well-being.


The results of an evaluation can be used to diagnose mental health disorders and to develop recommendations to best support the client.


Educational testing is also provided for children with behavioral or academic concerns. 

Clinical Behavioral

 A trauma-informed program designed to provide clinical support to children struggling with behavioral support in the home to prevent out-of-home placement.


This program provides two master’s level clinicians per family to support the behavioral and relational needs of the client. CBS will focus on assessing and identifying the family's needs, providing a diagnosis when appropriate, and identifying modalities that would be effective for each individual client.


All clinicians in the home will have training in CBT, DBT, attachment-based family support, and trauma-informed psychoeducation.


Clinicians will be paired with the client based on their knowledge of modalities that best serve the family.  CBS is home-based and is intended to be a short-term service.

Education.  Stability.  Advocacy.
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