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Riverside Family Support is proud to offer clinical therapy provided in-office and via Telehealth. Riverside Family Support does not accept insurance but can provide monthly superbills for you to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. If you need guidance with this process, please reach out for a free consultation and we can support you with navigating the insurance process.  

Find out more about our providers below.

RFS offers individual therapy for children, adults, and adolescents as well as family therapy. Our clinicians have a wide variety of experiences in educational, social justice, and human services fields. RFS clinicians are dedicated to advancing their knowledge and skill sets to meet the needs of their clients; our clinicians have various training experiences or certifications in areas such as EMDR, Attachment, CBT, Mindfulness practices, Crisis Intervention, and more.  

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Meet Carrie:

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Carrie Landis holds an MSW with a concentration in clinical social work, a master's degree in teaching, and a bachelor's degree in education. Carrie has over 12 years of combined experience in educational settings & the social work field. Carrie supports clients with a strengths-based perspective and a humanistic approach. She strongly believes in the impact of attachment and utilizes that lens with individuals and families. She works to connect community members with services that will further support their journey through trauma, depression, anxiety, and other related struggles.


As an LCSW, Carrie provides therapeutic services to adults and children. In addition to therapy, she provides mental health assessments for children & adults. She is a trained EMDR clinician and specializes in attachment-focused EMDR. With expertise in attachment disorders, ADHD, and executive function coaching, Carrie provides specialized support tailored to each individual's needs. Further, Carrie provides court-ordered parental capacity and custody evaluations. Her qualifications include an advanced forensic social worker certificate with specialized training in evaluation writing, child welfare advocacy, & trauma-informed service provision for justice-involved populations.

Meet Rachel:

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Rachel Kauffman (née Stone) is a Supervisee in Social Work offering therapy services in-office.  She has a bachelor’s degree from JMU in general anthropology and a master’s degree from USC in social work, concentrating on children, youth, and families.


Rachel uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as mindfulness and strengths-based approaches. Rachel enjoys working with people of all ages; she especially loves working with teens.


Rachel has experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures as well as clients struggling with anxiety, family and relationship conflict, trauma, and more. She strives to be a healing outlet for her clients by listening without judgment and assisting them in therapeutic ways that foster growth and self-love. 

Meet Tamara:

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Tamara is a Clinical Intern with Riverside Family Support with the goal of connecting with parents and teens in the community. Tamara is passionate about helping people break the cycle of poverty, substance use, and coping with traumatic experiences. Tamara has a bachelor's degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in clinical services. Tamara will be receiving her MSW degree in December 2023.


Tamara has worked with a diverse population of children and families in the past ten years. Tamara has served the community as a Family Services Specialist, Adult Mental Health Case Manager, Client Engagement Specialist, and Residential Advisor. Tamara has worked with individuals in crisis intervention, strategic planning, reunification, goal setting, and community integration. Tamara feels it is important to destigmatize society’s view of individuals struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, and poverty.  Tamara finds joy in assisting individuals to identify their strengths, promote recovery, and identify resources in the community.

As a Clinical Intern with Riverside Family Support,

Tamara is able to provide therapy at no cost. 

Meet Whitney:

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Whitney Miklos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering therapy services. Whitney utilizes telehealth meaning you can attend a therapy session from the comfort of your home.


Whitney has experience working with individuals who are exploring identity, experiencing difficult life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ+-related needs, and burnout prevention. She honors the unique needs of each individual and believes it is important to tailor treatment accordingly.

Whitney often uses components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practices, psychoeducation, and other evidence-based modalities to better inform treatment.


She strives for her clients to achieve success through an empathetic understanding of each client and unconditional positive regard. Whitney is passionate about creating a positive and affirming space where meaningful change can occur. 

Meet Jess:

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Jess Arey is a Supervisee in Social Work offering therapy services in-office. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education with a concentration in Substance Abuse Prevention and is currently pursuing a master’s in Social Work with a concentration in clinical services. She has provided a range of community-based services to families and children of all ages over the past 7 years. Jessica has served her community as an educational specialist, Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Crisis Intervention Team Trainer, foster parent educator and has many years of experience as an Intensive In-Home provider. 

Jessica feels it is important to utilize an individualized & strengths-based approach to meet the specific needs of each client. She has a passion for supporting cohesion in families to promote positive relationships. Jessica finds joy in supporting families with education & connection to community resources to achieve a sense of overall stability. ​ Jessica is excited to provide a benevolent and empowering space for education and growth within Harrisonburg, Rockingham, and the surrounding counties.

Interested in becoming a provider?

Riverside Family Support is focused on continually improving 

quality services provided to our community.

If you are a licensed therapist or resident/supervisee,


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