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Supervised Visitation
(Court-Ordered    -  Private Pay) 


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About Visitation at RFS

Riverside Family Support provides several types of supervised visitation.

Visitation may take place between children and a non-custodial parent or family member.


To provide a safe and structured environment for children to maintain

relationships with their non-custodial parents or other adults.

In some cases, supervised visitation may help to re-establish and strengthen

the bond between the parent and child in a safe and structured environment.

Compliance with Visitation Orders 

Riverside Family Support will always act in accordance with any active court order regarding visitation/contact between a parent and child and will hold all parties accountable for compliance with the order; termination of RFS services will occur as a result of any noncompliance with an established court order. 

Types of Visitation

  • Community supervised visitation - visitation outside of RFS office

  • In-room supervised visitation - Sight and sound supervision with worker present

  • Camera-supervised visitation - Sight and sound supervision with worker outside the room

  • Room rental for supervised visitation - No sight and sound supervision - worker available in the building. 

Note: the type of visitation offered to you may be dictated by custody or protective order

Riverside Family Support Locations

The Greenhouse

420 East Market Street

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801​



Southgate Office

35 Southgate Court  - Suites 101 & 102

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

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Staunton Office

425 Lee Jackson Highway - Suites A & C

Staunton, Virginia 24401

Submit a referral for Supervised Visitation services

Contact Information

The following information is needed to make contact with parties regarding scheduling, visitation expectations, and payment. 

At least one form of communication is needed for the custodial party in order to initiate services. 

For the purpose of this referral form, 

“Custodial Parent/Guardian Party” will refer to the guardian of the child(ren) involved in visitation,

“Visiting Parent/Relative Party” will refer to the adult(s) visiting the child(ren). 

Visit Information

Visit Frequency
What is YOUR availability?

Upload court order pertaining to visitation / contact. (Photo File Type ex:  .png  . jpeg)

Upload File

Upload court order pertaining to visitation / contact. (Document File Type ex: .pdf)

Upload File

Visitation services are subject to staff and office availability.

RFS cannot guarantee open availability for after-hours or weekend visitation.

Visitation may not be initiated until all court documentation has been received,

a valid form of payment is on file, and visitation agreements have been

signed by the visiting and guardian parties.  

Note: Please do not navigate away from this page until you have received a confirmation message.

Image by Aaron Burden
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