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Riverside Family Support

Carrie Landis, MSW, MAT

In an effort to meet the growing needs of the community, Carrie Landis founded Riverside Family Support to continue providing necessary educational services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carrie has a master’s in social work with a concentration in clinical social work. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in education as well as a master’s in teaching.  Carrie has over ten years of combined experience in educational settings and the social work field. During this time she has worked with children in the public school system and has provided community-based services to families, children, and adolescents. As a supervisee in clinical social work, Carrie provides teletherapy. She has a broad range of experience with individual therapy, family therapy, and psychoeducational services. 


Carrie is passionate about biological reunification and the importance of family preservation. Carrie supports clients with a strengths-based perspective and a humanistic approach. She strongly believes in the impact of attachment and utilizes that lens with individuals and families. She works to connect community members with services that will further support their journey through trauma, depression, anxiety, and other related struggles. She utilizes evidence-based education and curriculum while creating differentiated treatment plans that support each client with the learning modality that suits them.


Carrie provides a safe space without judgment for every client and offers unconditional positive regard. Carrie seeks to combine her years of experience with empathetic understanding to empower clients to make positive changes within their lives.

Whitney Miklos, MSW

Supervisee in Clinical Social Work

Whitney is a Supervisee in clinical social work and provides teletherapy to residents of Virginia. She graduated from Bridgewater College with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in social work. She then received her master’s degree in social work from Tulane University with a concentration in clinical services. Throughout her time at Tulane, she worked with both undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola University in the New Orleans Campus to provide individual therapy, crisis intervention, psychoeducation, and other support services to students in need.  Whitney has continued to provide a wide range of therapeutic services over the last five years in varying community settings, alternative-school placements, small agencies and a local private practice.

Whitney has experience working with individuals who are exploring identity, experiencing difficult life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ+ related needs, and burnout prevention. She honors the unique needs of each individual and believes it is important to tailor treatment accordingly. Whitney often uses components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practices, psychoeducation, and other evidence-based modalities to better inform treatment. She strives for her clients to achieve success through empathetic understanding of each client and unconditional positive regard. Whitney is passionate about creating a positive and affirming space where meaningful change can occur. 

For more information about self-pay rates, out of network benefits and our therapy fee sliding scale, please contact Whitney. 

Whitney Miklos is a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work and is working towards licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Virginia.

She works under the supervision of Alison Moats, LCSW.  Her supervisor can be contacted at ( or by phone at (540)746-3340.  

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