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Family Services

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Foster Care Prevention

The goal of this non-clinical service is to provide support and advocacy for families that have been identified as high-risk for removal due to family destabilization.


This service is a higher level of intervention and parent education is often included in prevention services. Foster Care Prevention services can also support the family in navigating the requirements of a CHINS. 
This service can include basic parent education, home stability support, and educational sanitation support for the home as well as the family members. This service focuses on the family as a whole and can include meeting with parents or children separately, checking in with children at school, and assisting with appointments when necessary.

Clinical Behavioral Support

 A trauma-informed program designed to provide clinical support to children struggling with behavioral support in the home to prevent out-of-home placement.


This program provides two master’s level clinicians per family to support the behavioral and relational needs of the client. CBS will focus on assessing and identifying the family's needs, providing a diagnosis when appropriate, and identifying modalities that would be effective for each individual client.


All clinicians in the home will have training in CBT, DBT, attachment-based family support, and trauma-informed psychoeducation. Clinicians will be paired with the client based on their knowledge of modalities that best serve the family.  CBS is home-based and is intended to be a short-term service.

Family Therapy

A clinical service focused on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening interpersonal relationships within the family.

RFS Clinicians strive to create a positive and supportive environment in which families can address their issues, grow together, and work towards healthier relationships and functioning.


Family therapy often uses a variety of techniques and approaches tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of each unique family.

For more information on Clinical Services and to learn about our RFS Clinicians, see the link below.

Education.  Stability.  Advocacy.
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