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Child Comprehensive Evaluation

​This evaluation focuses on the child or adolescent’s psychological functioning, including their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. This evaluation may involve standardized psychological tests, behavioral observations, and clinical interviews to gather information about the individual's mental health and well-being.


The evaluation results can be used to diagnose mental health disorders and develop recommendations to support the client best. Educational testing is also provided for children with behavioral or academic concerns. 

Parental Capacity Evaluation

A parental capacity evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a parent's ability to provide for the basic needs and safety of their child. During a parental capacity evaluation, the clinician conducts a series of assessments, tests, and observations to evaluate the parent's abilities, attachment, trauma history, understanding of child development, and home environment.


The clinician will assess the parent's mental health status and any history of substance use, looking for potential barriers to effective parenting. Based on the results of the assessment, the evaluator will make recommendations regarding the parent's capacity to care for their child, as well as any recommendations for additional services or interventions that may be needed to support the parent in their parenting role.

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Types of Evaluations

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If requesting evaluations for more than one family member, please submit a separate referral form for each evaluation you would like to receive. 

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An individual's history and precipitating factors can provide the valuable insight necessary to create accurate and helpful recommendations for the client and referring party. Case coordination can help to ensure that all relevant information is gathered and considered and serves to improve the quality and accuracy of an evaluation.

Please provide all requested information to ensure there is sufficient background information to complete the evaluation.

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Evaluations will be completed 90 days from the initial appointment attended by the client.

If the evaluation is needed sooner, please contact to determine the feasibility of your request. 

If scheduling challenges for the client presents a barrier to assessment completion, this may impact the return timeframe. Additional time may be required to accurately complete the assessment. 

Image by Daniel Seßler
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