Carrie Landis, MSW, MAT


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In an effort to meet the growing needs of the community, Carrie Landis founded Riverside Family Support to continue providing necessary educational services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carrie has a master’s in social work with a concentration in clinical social work. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in education as well as a master’s in teaching.  Carrie has over ten years of combined experience in educational settings and the social work field. During this time she has worked with children in the public school system and has provided community-based services to families, children, and adolescents. As a supervisee in clinical social work, Carrie provides teletherapy. She has a broad range of experience with individual therapy, family therapy, and psychoeducational services. 


Carrie is passionate about biological reunification and the importance of family preservation. Carrie supports clients with a strengths-based perspective and a humanistic approach. She strongly believes in the impact of attachment and utilizes that lens with individuals and families. She works to connect community members with services that will further support their journey through trauma, depression, anxiety, and other related struggles. She utilizes evidence-based education and curriculum while creating differentiated treatment plans that support each client with the learning modality that suits them.


Carrie provides a safe space without judgment for every client and offers unconditional positive regard. Carrie seeks to combine her years of experience with empathetic understanding to empower clients to make positive changes within their lives.

Taylor Wolfe, BSW

Assistant Director

Taylor Wolfe joined Riverside Family Support as the Assistant Director in 2021. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from James Madison University. Taylor has provided community based services to families in the area for the past six years and has greatly enjoyed working directly with families in the Shenandoah Valley.


Taylor’s work has a focus on agency management and development with a focus on how a supervisory role aids in preventing worker burnout. She is passionate about biological family reunification and preservation of families.


Taylor feels it is important to utilize the perspectives of client families and hear the direct experiences of youth in care to continually advocate for and improve client outcomes.


Taylor is excited for the opportunity to continue to grow and develop services at Riverside Family Support to meet the diverse needs of our clients and community. 


Kim Wright, MA

Youth & Family Specialist


Kim joined Riverside Family Support as an educational specialist to continue her passion for working with those in the community. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in sociology, Kim has a master’s degree in human services counseling with a concentration in trauma and crisis response. She has worked in social work for over seven years for multiple agencies in Harrisonburg. She has experience working with the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Department of Social Services (HRSSD) as well as the local court system.

Kim believes in finding creative solutions to the problems that families are facing. She is passionate about working to meet the unique needs of each family and empowering them to maintain change long-term. This involves a strength-based approach that identifies the positive aspects of the family while focusing to build on those characteristics. 

Kim is excited to be a part of Riverside Family Support. She is looking forward to utilizing her experience and passion while helping families remain intact.

Jessica Arey, BS, QMHP-C

Youth & Family Specialist

Jessica joined Riverside Family Support to continue pursuing her passion for helping children and families feel empowered to lead their most fulfilling lives. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education with a concentration in Substance Abuse Prevention and is currently pursuing her master’s in Social Work with a concentration in clinical services. She has provided a range of community-based services to families and children of all ages over the past 7 years. Jessica has served her community as an educational specialist, Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Crisis Intervention Team Trainer, foster parent educator and has many years of experience as an Intensive In-Home provider. 

Jessica feels it is important to utilize an individualized and strengths-based approach to meet the specific needs of each client. She has a passion for supporting cohesion in families to promote positive relationships. Jessica finds joy in supporting families with education and connection to community resources to achieve a sense of overall stability. 

Jessica is excited to provide a benevolent and empowering space for education and growth within Harrisonburg, Rockingham, and the surrounding counties.


Claire Foerster, BA

Youth & Family Specialist


Claire joined Riverside Family Support to continue pursuing her passion for helping families learn healthy communication styles and form healthy relationships, find productive outlets for coping with stress, and break the cycles of poverty, abuse, and addiction.


She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, with a special focus on recidivism prevention. Claire has worked for various social work, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, and public safety agencies over the past seven years, including Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Department of Social Services, and Collins Center & Child Advocacy Center. 

Claire believes in meeting people where they are, however they are, and helping them feel empowered to make and maintain positive changes while understanding their own trauma responses. 

Josh Montanez, BSW

Youth & Family Specialist

MSW Intern

Josh joined Riverside Family Support as an intern to further enhance his skills of working with various populations within the community.  Josh currently holds a Bachelors of Social Work and is currently pursuing his Masters of Social Work through Rutgers University. 


Josh has ten years of experience working with individuals and families involved in the child welfare system. Currently he works with a local college access program serving low-income students pursuing higher education.


Josh believes that every person has inherent worth and strengths that can be built upon. Josh utilizes a solutions focused approach to help individuals and families achieve meaningful change.  He recognizes the importance of attachment within relationships and works to promote healthy parent child interactions.


Danielle Newman, BS

Youth & Family Specialist

MSW Intern


Danielle joined Riverside Family Support as an intern to learn and expand her experience working in the social work field.


She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in social work.


Danielle is interested in expanding her understanding, as well as helping families connect to community resources.


She is passionate about using a strengths-based approach to create a safe, and open environment to promote healthy professional relationships. 

Rachel Stone, BS

Youth & Family Specialist

MSW Intern

Rachel Stone is an intern with Riverside Family Support, she hopes to continue learning more about social work and the Harrisonburg community. Rachel received a Bachelor's degree in General Anthropology from James Madison University and is currently attending the University of Southern California(USC) to pursue her MSW.

Rachel has experience caring for vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, from her work at nursing homes in Southern VA. Rachel is very passionate about people and enjoys making connections with everyone.


Rachel views herself as an advocate for mental health and hopes to have a positive impact on those she is able to work with in the social work field. 


Eliza Bonilla

BSW Field Student


Eliza is senior social work student at James Madison University completing her final semester. As a BSW intern at Riverside Family Support, she hopes to engage with the Harrisonburg community and enhance her knowledge through experience.


Eliza is passionate about serving children and families and is particularly interested in child protection, childhood development, and the impact of trauma. Eliza has experience in childcare, mentoring, and working with the homeless population, immigrants, and children with special needs.


Following graduation, she intends to attend graduate school and pursue a MSW to further her education. Furthermore, she hopes to serve in AmeriCorps or Peace Corps in the future. 


Lindsey Wheeler

BSW Field Student

Lindsey is a current senior at James Madison University finishing her last semester as a Social Work major. She recently got accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University’s Master of Social Work program and will begin this fall to further her social work education. 


She joined Riverside Family Support as a BSW Intern to expand her knowledge of social work and to learn more about the diverse needs of the clients in the area. She is excited to serve the children and families of the Harrisonburg community.


Lindsey has experience working in childcare, as well as customer service in the Harrisonburg community for years. She enjoys making personable connections with others.


Lindsey is passionate about mental health and minimizing the stigma surrounding it. She is also passionate about trauma and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). She believes that each person is unique and worthy of respect.


Daniela Coronado

BSW Field Student 


 Daniela is a current student at James Madison University finishing her last year with a major in Social Work and a minor in Family Studies.


She joined Riverside Family Support as a BSW Intern to further pursue her education and career in social work.


She has had experience working within the Harrisonburg community and hopes to utilize her experiences and passion in helping children, youth, and families. She hopes to later attend graduate school to pursue her MSW.


Daniela is excited to be working with Riverside Family Support and to offer a different perspective to the team.