Therapy Services

Riverside Family Support is proud to offer clinical therapy provided via Telehealth. Find out more about our providers below:

Meet Whitney:

Whitney is a Supervisee in Social Work offering therapy services. Whitney utilizes telehealth meaning you can attend a therapy session from the comfort of your home. 

Whitney has experience working with individuals who are exploring identity, experiencing difficult life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ+ related needs, and burnout prevention. She honors the unique needs of each individual and believes it is important to tailor treatment accordingly.

Whitney often uses components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practices, psychoeducation, and other evidence based modalities to better inform treatment. She strives for her clients to achieve success through empathetic understanding of each client and unconditional positive regard. Whitney is passionate about creating a positive and affirming space where meaningful change can occur. 

For more information about self-pay rates, out of network benefits and our therapy fee sliding scale, please contact

Whitney at the link below. 

Interested in becoming a provider?

Riverside Family Support is focused on continually improving 

quality services provided to our community.

If you are a licensed therapist or resident/supervisee,


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