Family Services

Education. Stability. Advocacy.

Foster Care Prevention

The goal of this non-clinical service is to
provide support and advocacy for families that have been identified as high risk for removal due to family destabilization. This service is a higher level of intervention and parent education is often included in prevention services. Foster care prevention services can also support the family in navigating requirements of a CHINS. 


This service can include basic parent education, home stability support, and educational sanitation support for the home as well as the family members. This service focuses on the family as a whole and can include meeting with parents or children separately, checking in with children at school, and assisting with appointments when necessary.

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Parent Education

This service can also be labeled as parent mentoring. This non-clinical service is intended to promote healthy relationships and safe environments for children and their families. Support is provided to the parents to empower their parenting abilities with the necessary education and skills to address the specific needs of their children. Topics are differentiated for each family and include but are not limited to, child development and milestones, attachment, co-parenting, trauma-informed parenting, positive parenting, feedback from supervised visitation, structure, limits, and boundaries as well as home stability support. Home stability support includes employment assistance, appropriate housing support, and budgeting education.

Therapeutic Mentoring

The goal of this non-clinical service offers structured strength-based support services for youth (21 and under.) This service addresses daily living, social-emotional, and communication needs through coaching, modeling, and relationship-building. This service focuses on empowering the individual by educating age appropriate-behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution while assisting the individual with relating appropriately to other children and adolescents.

For youth over 12 years old, RFS includes a Casey Life Skills Assessment and continues focus on skill building throughout mentoring services. 

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Adoption Advocacy

This service can also be labeled as Adoption In-Home Support. Non-clinical services offered for post-adoption are designed to address any adjustment problems that may come with adoption. The service provider supports parents with the education and practical skills needed to heal and bond with their children as they navigate their lives following adoption. This service would be attachment-based and include referrals and assistance acquiring services such as community counseling or necessary evaluations. This service also includes virtual or in-school support with IEP/504 plans and any other necessary interventions needed to stabilize the adoption and prevent disruption.

Interactive Parenting Support

(Formerly called Supervised Visitation) Interactive Parenting Support services strive to encourage positive and active interactions between parents and children.


Visits may take place in the home, RFS office, or community setting. Different levels of supervision may be offered to meet the needs of the family including in room sight and sound supervision, or out of room supervision through a monitoring system.  


Coparenting Support

Coparenting is a non-clinical service that assists separated parents with their relationship to assure that their children are parented in a healthy environment. Sessions focus on the emotional effects of separation, emotional, and behavioral reactions of separation by children, and parenting issues related to specific developmental stages.  The service supports parents with conflict management, family stabilization, and the maintenance of financial responsibilities.